the project


The Architects

Kilamba New City was designed by a group of Chinese architects working under the supervision of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation, CITIC Limited, that specialises in a wide range of business activities, including real estate and infrastructure.

Kilamba before the construction.
Kilamba before the construction.

A leader in China’s economic reform, CITIC Limited, is committed to exhibiting the highest standards of internal governance in order to provide its clients with world-class quality service. Striving for innovation and international development, the company has established numerous partnerships abroad in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa.

Layout of Kilamba
Layout of Kilamba.

Completed in less than 4 years (a world record), Kilamba New City has become one of the flagship investments of CITIC Limited.

Pierre Falcone & Pierson Capital

Pierre Falcone on Kilamba site

The Kilamba project was curated by Pierre Falcone and his team at Pierson Capital, where Falcone serves as President.

With four global headquaters in the United States, China, Angola and Mexico, Pierson Capital is an international firm focused on implementing world-class solutions for high-tech engineering and finance. The company is committed to structuring and implementing large scale infrastructure programs in developing countries.

Pierson Capital works with foreign investors to design, finance and build brand new cities all around the globe. Kilamba is deemed Africa’s most demanding housing project, it is also the most successful one thanks to the company’s professional expertise.


Despite being designed by the Chinese, Kilamba New City was built entirely and only using materials fabricated in local factories in Angola.